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About us. 

My name is Callum Knowles, but many of my social media domains know me as Cal. I am highly enthusiastic, with an eye for many different aspects of Photography, but one being Weddings. The ability to be able to capture once in a lifetime images gives me my utmost confidence.


Amongst being a photographer, I also suffer from Autism, and more specifically Aspergers Syndrome, and the biggest mistake I made in my life was holding myself back from my dreams, delaying what I was capable of because I feared failing at the first hurdle. You got to learn, that if you don't get up after falling how are you ever going to complete your race to the unthinkable.

Since the age of 15, when my local secondary school decided to run a photography course, I was intrigued and believed I’d be well suited to the subject. Ever since this point photography has become a huge part of my life, what this subject has done for me socially is just incredible. Photography has enabled me to connect with people and after discovering this passion, I have developed a desire to pursue this into creating my own businesses.

I live by this quote, "how can you move forward and develop in life if you're facing backwards?"

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